• Simple Solution

    Simply put all your documents, invoices and receipts into our special Prepaid Document Envelope and put it in the nearest mailbox.

  • Let us do the hard work

    We will scan, date, name and categorize all your documents, invoices and receipts and place them securely on your account.

  • No hardware

    No need to invest in your own scanning equipment. Our state of the art scanning facility centers quickly scans all your documents.

  • Prepaid Envelopes

    Simply order free Prepaid Document Envelopes that you will use to return your documents, invoices and receipts. It’s a totally¬†FREE¬†service!

  • Pay as you go

    You just pay a base fee per envelope you send in and pay for the number of scanned pages. No contracts and no sign up or subscription fees.

  • World-Wide Solution

    We partnered up with all postal services around the World to make the document scanning service¬†available to you anywhere. You’ll love it!